Leo loves to hang out with the dogs

Leo loves to hang out with the dogs; he gets limited compound time as we discovered he gets very restless; he is much happier now . Guess he invited Wolfie inside, he is a very hospitable cat ♥️

When you see these contented animals please remember each one came to us in a hopeless state…Wolfie barely surviving on the street and Leo a very sick kitten who never found his forever home. We do our best to make them happy and we can do nothing without the support of kind animal lovers.

Lying almost lifeless at the side of the road last year

Can’t imagine we found her lying almost lifeless at the side of the road last year….our little Daffy has come a long long way and her journey has taken her into this amazingly loving home where she has blossomed into the confident kitty she is today. Says her doting mum, Jaya Lakshmi:

“Daffy the cutie.. the littlest baby of our house..my third child..my elder daughter’s favourite and roommate. She came into our lives silently and hid under the bed in my daughter’s room for two days.. four days and slowly she started coming out exploring us and the house.. with baby steps she captured our hearts and now is the central part of our lives.. such a baby with her scratchy toys and my second one’s balloons she plays with.. a sweetheart whom we cherish and want to give her the best.. all the love in the world is all she deserves.. she’s made our home happier , warmer and more loving.. thank you Cattitude for letting us have her.. she is our world and we cherish her!”