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Hathef Khazvini (HATCH)

Homeopath, musician and philosopher, co-founded Cattitude with Devika. He fed a large cat colony for many years, every single night without fail, often facing threats and abuse, carrying a veritable buffet of food and beverages with him to indulge his little ones! The reins (or basket!) have been handed over now to a carer in the colony, supported by us while Hatch feeds the cats in their own building. He helps Devika run the Trust assisting with feeding and accounts, treating tricky cases with homeopathic remedies and calming his wife down when people tell her they want to give up their cats.

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Lakshman Vijayaraghavan

An architect and interior designer by profession and a car and cat aficionado by passion, Lakshman is a devoted cat daddy who never misses a day feeding cats at various places, or dashing off somewhere to help someone rescue a cat in trouble. Lakshman has given generously of his time and many talents to help Cattitude with a hundred and one things from shelter management and repairs to helping people design better cat spaces for their homes. Eccentric (like most cat people) and fiercely independent, the only purrson he listens to is his spirit cat Chutki who shares his daily kanji and rules him with a velvet paw.

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Hema Sheth

When Hema Sheth quit the corporate world , wanting to do something more meaningful, her son Sagar (a devoted animal activist) suggested she volunteer with Cattitude. Perfect timing, as we were looking for a human ‘mother’ for our cat home; someone who lived nearby and was not too busy to visit regularly. To say that Hema was ‘the perfect person for the job’ would be understating it! Her bonding with the cats and staff, and her able and diplomatic assistance in the day-to-day running of the cat home have made a huge difference . While she has many favourites, one cat there thinks he owns her - Sangha.  He closely monitors her time with the others, making his displeasure felt when she exceeds her limit! Hema’s soft heart has led to her shedding many tears when our darlings depart but she - like our entire Cattitude family - has helped fulfil our ultimate goal that no cat in our care will ever go uncounted or unloved.

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JP & Magdalene

John Osborne and Magdalene Tewes - better known as JP and Magda - are never happier than when they are covered in kittens and puppies (they wouldn’t mind hippos and pandas too but city life has it’s limits). While running their NGO, empowering underprivileged youth, they engage in endless animal rescue work and foster for us at the drop of a cat. Unconditionally loving and caring, and incredibly talented, artistic and resourceful, this multi faceted couple have provided that loving bridge to many of our darlings. They are always game to try out anything that will help the animals : starting with creating a line of cat beds (profits to benefit both NGOs, Intermission  Industrial Development Association and Cattitude).....and loads more exciting ideas in the pipeline


Raghav Sundararajan

Raghav finds his way into the heart of even the least interested cat. That’s his superpower! He loves football and can spend an entire weekend eating his favourite food and binge-watching a good show with his fur-babies, Arya and Dexter by his side. (Basically, a community cat fell in love with him, led him to her kittens and immediately negotiated adoption terms with her caretakers!!)

As generous with his heart as he is with his time, Raghav has been an invaluable contributor to some crucial Cattitude projects and loves to spend his free time cuddling our cat home kitties and helping to improve their environment. When he isn’t serving the needs of local and far-out kitties, he is an IT professional.

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Sweta Narayanan

Sweta Narayanan is an education professional and a trustee with The Prajnya Trust, that works extensively in women's rights, peace education and women's history. She is also a formidably accomplished Kalari teacher with a grace that she probably learned from the many cats she feeds and cares for 😀 When Sweta isn’t managing the Pet Pals adoption column in The Hindu Metro Plus and feeding her many street dogs, she volunteers a great deal of her time fostering for Cattitude, visiting  the cat home and coordinating adoptions with single-minded determination and dedication and never hesitates to lend a hand to innumerable animals and animal lovers who need help.

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Priyanka & Aamir

When a tiny calico rescue swept Priyanka Shyam into our lives we couldn’t believe our good fortune - Priyanka didn’t just adopt Jenga but began to foster delicate little kittens for us and proved to be a uniquely attentive and gifted nurse and foster mum with an undistilled love for cats. Priyanka is the creative half of a brilliant, much-in-demand Digital Marketing and Advertising company and her insightful and beautiful design work has lent great style to our animal work 😊

The OTHER half is the incomparable Aamir Khan, cat rescuer, dad to several overfed neighbourhood cats, and the level-headed client servicing half and chief strategist of the company he co-founded with Priyanka: Braket
Together they bring a whole new perspective to our animal welfare work with their cool ideas, beautiful photography, amazing talents and dogged determination to Get Things Done. (That includes this beautiful website)

Of course it figures: you need four legs (and some whiskers), to make Aamir and Priyanka your undisputed slaves.

Rasika reunited with her cats at the air


When Rasika moved back to India with her two cats, Moca and Safa, she already had a background of fostering cats for Blue Cross International in the UK and was keen to continue helping animals in India. For a few years she was a dedicated foster mum for Cattitude, and even now, while being known for her helpfulness to many rescuers, she is ever ready to volunteer for various Cattitude activities, counselling people on cat welfare, and coordinating spay/neuter projects. A seasoned HR consultant, Rasika is an invaluable part of Chennai's animal welfare network.


Gayatri Sekar

Gayatri would, in her ideal world, adopt every cat (and dog) she sets eyes on. A total softie at heart, Gayatri's life is run by her pet cats (Cattitude rescues, no less!) Minor and Malala, whose terms and conditions state that she must help other needy cats as long as she doesn’t bring them home :D

A qualified infectious disease specialist who has worked with the CDC in the US, Gayatri's professional life is spent in knowledge management in the field of STEM education. Her quirky, ever-present humor has helped Cattitude create an engaging Instagram presence, with her canny and hilarious captions and memes. Always assisted by her wonderfully supportive husband Prasanna, Gayatri is happiest spending her spare time feeding community animals, helping out with several Cattitude projects, taking thousands of pictures of her cats, and decorating her charming home with cat-friendly decor.

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