The official greeter

A tiny, very sick looking ginger kitten alone on the roadside, desperately in need of help...that was our darling Leo. After a marvellous recovery at Doctor Cat Clinic, we tried for a forever home but three homes returned him for the flimsiest of reasons and we decided that was enough- he was ours. His special privileges include a morning outing to hang with the three shelter dogs. He's a cuddlebug who climbs into the laps of visitors as the official Cattitude greeter


The batman cat

When a volunteer found a tiny scrap of fur near a tea shop, with no mum in sight, rescue was the only option. One of the first to join the cat home many years ago, Balaji’s magnificent looks are belied by his very reticent behaviour. Not a great fan of humans, he is happiest catching the breeze on the terrace with his buddies, in his own special spot.


The grandmaw cat

An animal rescuer found an emaciated old ginger kitty at Delhi railway station, and took her to the vet, only to find that she was also prone to seizures. How this cat survived so many years at the station with her health issues is nothing short of a miracle! After she regained strength and no one offered to adopt this beautiful old catizen, she took a long train journey to Chennai to us where she finally has the peace and comfort she so deserves.


The Russian food-spy

What’s a Russian cat doing in a Chennai shelter? When Dosa’s humans had to return to India due to a serious illness in the family, they faced terrible challenges and Dosa had to come to us . Surprisingly he fitted in beautifully and is a much-loved member of the cat home, but he doesn’t throw his affection away; he makes you earn it


The survivor

Karibu was an outside cat whose leg was mangled in an accident and he had to be rushed to the vet for help . His condition was bad and he could not survive back on the street; euthanasia seemed like the only humane option. Cattitude stepped in and took Karibu into the cat home, treated him through many ups and downs including chronic renal failure. He is a precious and sweet soul who won’t let you pet him but yells for food and treats the minute he sees you.


Trust me I'm a cat

Boomer is one of our honorary cats, Chief of Security and boss man of the cat home. Rescued as a tiny pup many years ago, he was neglected by his adopters and returned in a sorry state (Boomer short for Boomerang). He sends human intruders packing but is good friends with all the cats and unconditionally adores the humans who rescued him.

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