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Anna Thomas

The golden souled Anna Thomas divides her time between Dubai and Mumbai and her passionate love of animals colours almost everything she does. She is deeply devoted to her 5 pet cats and feeds and cares for a large cat colony in her neighbourhood, assisted by her elder daughter Maya - a young woman with immense cattitude. Anna has been our greatest supporter, our rock, our beacon, voice of reason, sounding board and ultimate guardian angel. Without her we would be nowhere and our gratitude to her cannot ever be adequately expressed.

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Dr. Priya

Dr Priya was at the start of her veterinary career – a bright-eyed young woman who was crazy about animals -- when we first took our animals to her for treatment and spay/neuter. With her intrepid spirit, Dr Priya has treated and sterilised innumerable rescues and street animals for us, pitched in to help with tricky rescues, and even hopped on a train to Batlagundu with Devika and the late Viji (of Parasparam), to perform multiple surgeries on the dogs and cats in our Batlagundu shelter, all in one day, undeterred by the very primitive conditions that prevailed! One of the hardest working and busiest vets in Chennai, Dr Priya’s commitment to animal welfare goes deep, and no animal leaves her clinic without a cuddle or a treat.

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Dr. Afzal Hassan Mohamed

When Dr Afzal came into our lives in 2008, one more of our dreams was fulfilled - to finally be able to give cats specialised, state-of-the- art veterinary care. Dr Afzal, to put it simply, raised the bar in feline treatment and surgery and when he set up India’s first cat-only clinic, Doctor Cat Feline Specialty Clinic, the scope of what we could do to help sick and injured cats widened dramatically. It is a matter of pride to us that our shelter cats, rescues and community cats are treated by India’s leading feline specialist. His connection with Cattitude doesn’t stop there; he has helped us in innumerable other ways, advising us on shelter design and management , finding us support, and sharing every step of our journey over the years.

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